EOS AERIAL - Unmanned Aerial Systems for Visual Media

A joint venture of locationpictures.com and scout911.com!

EOS Aerial, LLC - www.eosaerial.com

Working throughout the Western United States and beyond - with a base in the San Francisco Bay area of Northern California. EOS Aerial provides outstanding aerial cinematography and consulting to the commercial, print, and digital industries.

Offering not only the best in aerial filming technology - we also bring over 25 years of experience in sourcing the most stunning locations and exclusive properties for our clients. From private mountain tops, to deep forests, to modern urban landscapes - we have the experience and connections to get you to the right location to achieve beautiful aerial images.

Fully FAA licensed and carrying 5 million in liability insurance. 

From the Freefly Alta X heavy lift cinema drones with a fully stabilized MoviPro or Ronin 2 gimbal system - to DJI Inspire 3 crafts with the X9 full frame 8K cameras, to custom built FPV drones carrying 6k cameras. We fly it all!

Our aerial camera systems will fly up to 85mph, operate in high winds, and shoot 8k raw in a full frame format - or we can carry the Arri Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, or Red camera systems - offering the full range of lift capacity to allow the client to achieve the specific look needed for the project.

From the bidding stage and throughout production - handling permitting, permissions, shoot day logistics and all aspects of aerial photography - there is simply no other company in Northern California that can offer the comprehensive set of experience, equipment, knowledge and resources to match what EOS Aerial brings to the project.

EOS Aerial is brought to you by:

Jof Hanwright

With well over 1000 commercial and print shoots to his credits - he offers a wealth of knowledge, insight, and a photographic repertoire that is unmatched in the field. Having worked with directors such as Lance Acord, Dante Ariola, Wally Pfister, Forest Whitaker, and Dariusz Wolski - and companies such as RSA, Park Pictures, Reset, and Anonymous Content - he has been pushed to the highest levels of visual excellence.

From major commercials with a thousand extras and blocks of street closures, to small fashion still shoots - Hanwright will offer visual solutions to the various challenges a project might present, and will always work with your creatives to deliver the most compelling and dynamic images possible.